Multimedia Show

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What is a ‘multimedia show’? It’s quite simple to define. This is a show with several technical elements involved simultaneously. Usually, these are audio equipment for sound broadcasting and screens for video. Further multimedia content of the show depends on the event format, the event coordinator’s tasks, and the location capabilities in terms of lighting equipment and lasers.

What events multimedia show is used for?

Most often, event coordinators order a multimedia show to present speakers, arrange an event, or present a product. Weddings and Birthdays are formats where multimedia shows are not entirely appropriate. However, again, it all depends on the task. Why not if the holiday theme is space or digital technologies.

The key task of the multimedia show is the wow effect. The guests of the event should feel something the most daring imagination can’t even imagine!

Rider Rent turns your idea into art. We have been working on creating multimedia shows for more than 10 years. We have our own big set of the most modern equipment and professionals who are keen on working with it. Rider Rent cooperates with the best market multimedia shows content developers such as Laser Studio, Black Boz, Fox Media, Yeroheen Show production, SETUP, and Sandro Koridze.

How to create a multimedia show?

It all starts with an idea. Goal defining launches the pre-production stage. There were some tied to a brand book, that is, works with a certain topic in the arsenal of Rider Rent. It was the one that set the event concept core.

The next step is setting up. The team explores the location to determine its size & capabilities, including complete blackout & smoking capabilities. Then the stage designer is involved in the process.

Rider Rents’ stage designer works with the L8 visualizer. Today it’s one of the top soft developed in Ukraine. It’s allowing the customer to see all the effects and features which will be in the multimedia show including sound, video, fire, water — anything. That is, at the pre-production stage, the designer creates a picture as an artist, — a 3D layout of the hall, and paints on this canvas with paints in the shape of technical elements. Then technical services are involved in the creation process, for selecting devices, their number, and parameters.

Next is the composer's time. He is responsible for creating the music track. He writes it depending on what mood needs to create at the event. Therefore, the music track isn’t selected but created from the first to the last note.

Animatic & content. It’s another show creation stage. An animatic is a graphic representation of effects emphasizing every second of a track. The entire creative team was involved in its creation including a sound engineer, a light operator, a laser creation specialist, as well as any other technical elements of the show. The created content is loaded into the program, which gives the idea in 3D format. Using it you can see how a multimedia show will follow in reality — at any moment.

Who’s the project manager? 

The project manager is a high-experienced professional. It can be a director, rental company’s or a 3D content creation studio’s rep. Rider Rent provides professionals who know their job. They created grandiose multimedia shows for such events as Kyiv International Economic Forum 2019, Event Industry Forum 2020, and Antonov MRIYA show 2018

What is required from the customer?

A clearly formulated task is what we want to hear from the client. Leave all the rest for us!

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